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Ah nice

good to see you got this done.
too bad you couldn't get all of the art in here.

I also see that you have added the 2nd version of my art :)

JKAmovies responds:

Yes :P

Glad you liked it man.

I fight for my friends. I also do crack and heroin

Good collab you got here.
Its got something about it that has a better feel to most VG parodies on NG
also most of the parts are really well animated.

my favourite part is the easter egg with Ike.

keep it

Kirbopher responds:

Thanks very much, and I animated the Ike part. That one was fun to do, finished it in about a day.

you cut out the best part of the song.

I hant got much to say, but you should have made it have more of the song coz "Organ Grinder" is a cool pice of music.

Foreverland responds:

It is, and my animatic was a little longer. But the project is supposed to be 60 seconds, so I trimmed it down.

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Fun game

Great game you have here, I got to the giant nazi blob thing.
The only problem i have with the game is the lack of sound fx.

keep up the good work

good game

Its a fun and simple game but I cant pass level 15.
Level 6 was very easy all you had to do is open a portal to get on the big block
in the middle then open a portal under the red arrow that points up.
jump off and open a portal under the down arrow

it was ok

But you need to fix the contols.
You should only make it use the left and right keys to turn and you maintain the direction you are faceing.
Or you could make the mouce control the game as well.

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Sorry to say but you need to work abit more on this.

BlackKingX responds:

How could I work on a gun reloading sound.. >.>


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